19 al. "yet this is true, for Paul showeth by what he saith."

20 al. "drew to."

21 xrei/an.

22 addressed to women.

23 al. "we might be content if ye did but."

24 al. "with him by actions."

25 pompeu/ousa.

26 a0khra/touj.

1 lit. "our lump."

2 al. "and Himself."

3 al. "in order to kill."

4 al. "doeth."

5 e0xrh=n.

6 al. "magniloquently."

7 al. "added."

8 oi9 kat' e0kei/nouj.

9 "Judas Iscariot, Simon's son," N. T.

10 al. "hath put in by the way."

11 diabasta/zonta.

12 al. "given over."

13 al. "either he saith this."

14 E. V. "delivered."

15 "delivered up," E. V.

16 al. "what then is added?"

17 al. "went to God," that is, did what was worthy.

18 a0nasta\j (e0gei/retai, G. T.).

19 "He riseth," &c., "and took a towel, and girded Himself." 5. "After that He poureth water into a basin." N. T.

20 a0fosioume/nouj.

21 "and to wipe them with the towel wherewith He was girded," N. T.

22 a0p' e0kei/nou, al. u9p' e0k. "by him."

23 "He cometh therefore," ou0n, N. T.

24 i.e. of Judas.

25 i.e. in dignity.

26 korufai/ou.

27 "that be far from Thee," E. V.

28 "lay down," N. T.

29 al. "Him again."

30 Ben. and mss. Sav. "the Father."

31 Sav. "He sitteth."

32 al. "clean through the word which I have spoken unto you" (from c. xv. 3).

33 "Him, therefore said He, Ye are not all clean," N. T.

34 al. "washest thou."

35 metria/zein.

36 al. "yet they had not."

37 from c. xv. 3.

38 te/wj.

39 al. "of the creation."

40 or, "It."

41 al. "but we shall not undergo them if we lay up."

42 al. "putting around."

43 ou[, al. h[j, "which boldness."

1 "So when He had washed their feet, and had taken," &c., N. T.

2 th\n a0rxh/n

3 al. "fall away."

4 al. "the Christ."

5 "Master and Lord," N. T.

6 al. "among them."

7 "be not ye called Rabbi," N. T.

8 kaqhghth\j.

9 i.e. one Master, one Father.

10 al. "the Christ."

11 e0ntau=qa.

12 i.e. this humble office.

13 to/te.