16 lu/sin tw=n h9marthme/nwn.

1 e9qelokakou=ntej.

2 proaiw/nion.

3 Paul of Samosata, Bishop of Antioch, denied the Personality of our Lord before His Birth of the Virgin Mary. His opinions were condemned, and himself deposed, at the second Council of Antioch, A.D. 270.

4 Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra, who supported Paul against the Catholics after his deposition.

5 prostethko\j, "melted to."

6 xudai=on.

7 qaumastoi;.

8 oi0konomh/sonta, lit. "would dispense as He did dispense."

9 met' a0deiaj.

10 al. "for they had both heard His voice, and seen Him, but not in the flesh."

11 i.e. that the power which maintains the universe is a power opposed to the True God. The Gnostics accounted for the existence of evil, by supposing an evil Principle, to which they attributed the creation and support of the material world. The opinions here spoken of were maintained by Basilides, Valentinus, Marcion, Manes, and other supporters of that heresy.

12 xarakthri/zein.

13 #Agij (di/kaij G. T.).

14 qoloi= from qolo\j, "the ink of the cuttle fish."

15 prostethke/nai.

16 gnhsi/wj;, perhaps "as befits a rightful heir."

17 al. a0mblute/ran, "duller."

18 kaqa/pac.

19 proshlw/saj.

20 e0kei/.

1 al. "the dispensing."

2 dusanasxetw\n

3 "lied unto me." LXX.

4 al. "conversing with."

5 a@nw kai\ ka/tw

6 a0neli/ttontej, "unrolling."

7 politei/aj.

8 9Ellh/nwn.

9 khdemoni/aj.

10 par0r9hsi/aj.

11 tou= Qeou= G. T.

12 al. "again."

13 al. "he does all things that he may empty."

14 al. "may relax."

15 tw=n 9Ellhni/kwn.

16 diastrofh/.

17 al. "then."

18 filosofei=n.

19 a#|dou.

20 gee/nnhj.

21 "Unclean," LXX.

22 I Tim. iii. 6, 7 (partially quoted).

23 kri/ma, "condemnation," E. V.

24 al. "calculating."

25 e0pa=rai.

26 u9poskeli/sai (a gymnastic term like the preceding).

1 despotei/aj, i.e. "the law of master and slave."

2 kuri/ouj.

3 al. "submit."

4 al. "hear."

5 al. "they."

6 al. "For, when the former way is disregarded, the introduction of the second is necessary." Ben.

7 "Writings," al. "trouble."

8 al. "as those."

9 al. "settled state."

10 al. "beyond all thought."

11 sthliteu/esqai. lit. "set on a pillar." al. sti/zesqai, "be branded."

12 e0kpompeu=sai.

13 a!nw kai\ ka/tw.

14 parousi/a, commonly so used in N. T.

15 al. "there is reason to wonder that."