16 i.e. slaves.

17 a9plw=j e#cw pro/skeitai.

18 oi9khma/twn.

19 oi\kon.

20 th\n e0leuqe/ran.

21 the open spaces of the streets where idlers gathered.

22 leptw=n o0qoni/wn.

23 skepa/smata.

24 a0rkesqhso/meqa.

25 "body of spectators"

26 fronhmatiw=n.

27 u9po/dikoi.

28 koitwni/skw.

29 ta\ h9me/tero.

30 tai=j proqh/kaij tai=j e0pi\ tw=n e0rgasthri/wn.

31 qala/mou.

32 katwferh\j.

33 or, "conceal,'" peristelei=tai.

34 fqo/nouj.

35 See Hom. xiv. [8.] pp. 436, 437.

36 fa/lamoj.

37 numfw\n.

1 or, "accepteth."

2 e0pistre/fei, or, "turns, converts to God."

3 to\ kau/xhma tou= Xristou= ta\ paqh/mata, or, "our glory-our boast-the sufferings of Christ."

4 sfo/dra pne/ousan.

5 [There is a paronomasia here To\ a0ntikate/sthte, pro\j tou\j e9stw=taj ei@rhtai, which cannot easily be reproduced in English.-F. G.]

6 to\ toiau=ta dunhqh=nai.

7 ei0j paidei/an. ei0j paidei/an u9pome/nete is the reading of the best mss. &c. of St. Chrys. as it is the approved reading of the Epistle. The later [printed] texts have the later reading ei0 p. u9p.

8 The common texts substitute Jacob for Isaac here, omitting the following clause where Jacob is mentioned (as they also in the preceding sentence have "temptations" instead of "families"); to correct the apparent inaccuracies of the text. But Mr. Field shows from other passages of St. Chrys. that he really means Isaac, having in view Gen. xxvi. 18-22, 27.

9 St. Chrys. seems to have read this text without the words h9 pu/lh.

10 "to the heat," skiatrofi/a.

11 e0n th=| e0rh/mw|, "dry and open part?"

12 fqo/ggoi.

13 a0na/gkaj.

14 noshleu/wmen.

15 e0kplu/neij...e0ci/thlon, lit. "washed out," and "faded," as when colors are washed out of dresses.

16 e0kplu/neij...e0ci/thlon, lit. "washed out," and "faded," as when colors are washed out of dresses.

17 e0rga/zetai.

18 u9pe/rantlon.

19 go/mfouj.

20 pladw=sa, "wet and soft."

1 "of joy."

2 "of grief."

3 [The Revision has here correctly "have been exercised," and it is so commented upon by St. Chrys. below.-F. G.]