4 karpou/j. [At the head of the homily the word is in the singular, as in the text of Hebrews; it is here commented upon as if in the plural.-F. G.]

5 eu0fh/mw|.

6 a@poioj.

7 These words refer to ver. 13, "Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees, and make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be healed," which is inserted in the text of the common editions.

8 "the sanctification." [It is the same word as above and is rendered in the R. V. "the sanctification."-F. G.]

9 "sanctification," as 1 Thess. iv. 3, &c.

10 e0piokopou=ntej.

11 to\n lo/gon, includes "word," and "doctrine."

12 lo/gou.

13 a0naxai/tison.

14 e0ndido/ntej.

1 or, "the sanctification."

2 semno/thta, properly a disposition and conduct which creates respect or reverence: so specially (here as in other places) chastity. See Hom. xxx. [3], above, p. 504.

3 prwtoto/kia, "birthright privileges."

4 [paraluqe/ntaj...pareime/nouj, as in ver. 12.]

5 [paraluqe/ntaj...pareime/nouj, as in ver. 12.]

6 mei/zona, "committed sins too great for repentance."

7 dush/nioj.

8 sataniko/n.

9 e0pi/ ti/sin.

10 kat' ei\doj, see above, p. 412.

11 kat' ei\doj.

12 This seems to be alleged as a citation from Holy Scripture, but it does not appear what passage St. Chrysostom had in view.

13 e0n parabu/stw|.

14 e0lethmosu/nhn e0rga/zesqai.

1 o@rei is omitted in Mr. Field's text, as by some [all-F. G.] critical editors of the New Test. It is not referred to by St. Chrys.

2 "that not a word more should be spoken to them."

3 [The words h@ bolo/di katatoceuqh/setai are omitted by St. Chrys., as by all critical editors of the N. T., and are not given in the R. V.-F. G.]

4 panhgu/rei. See next column. This word is connected with the preceding muri/asin a0gge/lwn by St. Chrys. as appears from his interpretation. So the Latin Vulgate has et multorum millium angelorum frequentiam, et ecclesiam primitivorum, &c. [The English edition translates "to myriads of angels in festive gathering." Whether panhgu/rei should be connected with the preceding or following clause is merely a question of punctuation. It is joined to the latter both in the A. V. and the R. V.-F. G. ]

5 "in comparison of."

6 h\|deto, e.g. Ps. xviii., lxviii., Habak. iii. as well as Ex. xix.

7 para\ Qeou=. The reading of the common edition is : Xristou= which was that of Mutianus.

8 ta0 meta\ tau=ta.