1 Translated among Jerome's works in this Series.

2 Cant. i, 4.

3 See the Translation in this Volume.

1 Jerome Letter cxxvii, 9.

2 The Scorpion is Jerome's name for Rufinus, especially after his death. He means that Rufinus had altered the too palpable expresslons of heresy, so that the more subtle expressions of it might gain acceptance.

1 Rufinus uses the word "parentes." Jerome in his Apology (ii, 2) scoffs at the notion that a man of Rufinus' age (about 55) could have parents living, and supposes that he is making a false suggestion by using the word in the sense in which it was vulgarly used - that of relations generally, as it is now used in French.

2 Traducem, properly, the layer, by which the vine is propagated, and hence the medium through which life is communicated. This is the theory of the "traducianists" who thus made the soul to be derived from the parent by procreation. It is contrasted with that of the "creationists" who held that each soul was separately created, and infused into the child at the moment when life began.

1 Appointed bishop of Milan in 400, in succession to Simplicianus.

2 Arcadius and Honorius.

3 Probably the friends of Jerome at Rome, Pammachius and Marcella.

1 Ep. 84.

2 See the Transition of Rufinus' Prefaces given above, and the notes prefixed to them.

3 Or Feigned praises - figuratis laudibus.