12 According to Hefele, these words are only in the Latin, but they are in the Greek text of Beveridge.

13 According to Hefele this is only in the Latin, but it is found in the Greek of Beveridge.

14 I have changed Hammond's translation here.

15 The text of this canon is quite different in the different codices and versions. I have departed from Hammond's version.

1 I have followed in the captions to all these non-conciliar canons the Greek text of Beveridge in his Synodicon (Tom. II.).

1 I have here placed Johnson's epitome of these canons; the Ancient Epitome is lacking.

2 In the Greek "the body and blood of Christ."

1 According to Johnson, St. Peter of Alexandria was martyred a.d. 311 in the persecution in the time of Diocletian. carried on by Maximian.

2 In Beveridge will he found Balsamon's and Zonaras's notes.