1 I.e., at the end, after the Epistle of Gennadius.

1 These Canons, in Beveridge's Synodicon, are annotated only by Balsamon

1 Not being satisfied with Johnson, I have supplied a translation from Beveridge. It also is found in Aristenus's Epitome. Balsamon has written a brief scholion adding nothing of importance to the text.

2 This seems to imply a knowledge of the Revelation, although it is not mentioned.

1 That is the canon of Holy Scripture. I have substituted my own Epitome, in the room of Johnson's, translating the original as it is found in Beveridge's Synodicon, Tom. II., p.179. It is also In Aristenus's Epitome, Balsamon has no scholion on this passage.

1 Beveridge's Synodicon gives notes by Balsamon only.