10 The reader will, of course, recognize the foregoing as a piece of "Higher Criticism," and need not be told that it rests upon no foundation more secure than probable guess-work.

11 An interesting and instructive book has recently been published on this subject by F. E. Warren, F S.A., entitled The Liturgy and Ritual of the Ante-Nicene Church, in which all the theories from Vitringa to Bickell are carefully considered. The book is one of the S. P. C. K. series, "Side-lights of Church History."

1 It is interesting to note that the ancient custom is in full use in the Angilcan Church today, ordered expressly by the rubrics of the Prayer Book.

2 Eusebius. Hist. Eccl., V. 24.

3 What follows down to the next asterisk is a foot-note to p. 379 of Duchesne's book.