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C. Dodgson, Tertullian Vol. 1. Apologetic and Practical Treatises. (1842). Contents


Preface 1
I.  Apology 1
        Note A, On the Apostolic decree Acts xv. 107
        Note B, Absence of images in the early Church 109
        Note C, On the doctrine of Paradise 116
        Note D, On the early views as to the Millennium 120
II. Of the Witness of the Soul 131
III. Address to Scapula 142
IV. Address to the Martyrs 150
V. Of the Crown 158
        Note E, Of the early views as to military service 184
VI. Of Public Shows 187
VII. Of Idolatry 220
        Note F, Of the human appearance of our Lord 252
VIII. Of Baptism 255
        Note G, Of the validity of heretical Baptism 280
IX. Of Prayer 298
        Note H, On the title "Spirit" used of the Divine Nature of our Lord 321
        Note I, On "The Son" being called "The Will" of the Father 324
X. Of Patience 327
XI. Of Repentance 349
        Note K, On the term "satisfaction" as used of works of repentance 369
        Note L, Exomologesis, the whole act of doing penance 376
        Note M, In what cases and for what ends Confession was required in the Ancient Church 379
XII. To his Wife, Book 1. 409
        Note N, On the early views as to the meaning of 1 Tim. 3, 1. 419
XIII. To his Wife, Book 2. 421
        Note O, On the early views as to marriage after divorce 431
XIV. On Prescription against Heretics 434
        Note P, On the early traces and variations of the Apostles' Creed 480
        Note Q, On the title "Rock," Matt. 16, 18. 491
        Note R, "The keys of the kingdom of Heaven," Matt. 16, 19. given to all the Apostles 497
        Additional Notes 499

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