Graham Kendrick - Worship leader - 1986-1998

After 1986 Graham started producing solely worship albums. For each album, its availability in CD, Cassette and Songbook is listed. To date his worship albums are

Make Way for the King of Kings - A Carnival of Praise

Kingsway/Make Way 1986 CD/C/SB*

* Songs can be found in a dedicated section of The Graham Kendrick Songbook 2
Review: The original Make Way album seems surprisingly dated when listening to it a decade on! These days, any half decent church band could do as good in terms of recording quality. Our hero sounds younger but less experienced as well. Its interesting to note the number of rather mediocre songs like He that is in us that have become hits with congregations in comparison with later, far better numbers that have remained in obscurity. It must say something about the 1980s/1990s church?! Thankfully, the dreadful All Heaven Waits has sunk without trace.

Watch out for:Make Way!; May the fragrance
One to miss: All Heaven Waits

All Heaven Waits
May the Fragrance
Lord, You are so Precious
O Lord, Your Tenderness
Lord, have mercy on us
This is Your God (Meekness and Majesty)
He that is in us
Make Way!
We Declare
Let God Arise
The Earth is the Lords
We Believe
Jesus put this song
O give thanks (The Lord is marching out)
Christ is Risen (In the Tomb)

Make Way for Jesus - Shine Jesus Shine

Kingsway/Make Way 1988 CD/C/SB

Review: A vast improvement on the first Make Way, SJS was the album that launched a thousand .... well, er ... Shine Jesus Shines! This album features some of Grahams best known songs and in this respect has been his most sucessful. Virtually all of the first - worship - section are regulars in congregations across the world, particularly the title track (!), Such Love and Show Your Power. The marching songs are less well known but have some catchy numbers.

Watch out for: O Lord, the clouds are gathering; We shall stand
One to miss: Dance, Dance, Dance (Fisherfolk comeback !)

Shine Jesus Shine (Lord the light of your love)
O Lord, the clouds are gathering
I worship You, O lamb of God
Such love
Soften my heart
Who can sound the depths of sorrow
Show your power, O Lord
We shall stand
Prepare the Way (Clear the Road)
Cry Hosanna
Fling wide your doors
Jesus, He is the light of the world
Raise the shout!
Creation Creed (The Lord is a mighty King)
The King of Glory comes (King of Kings)
Lord, have mercy on this nation
God is good
Dance, Dance Dance
Cry Hosanna [Reprise]
Light has dawned
Shine Jesus Shine [reprise]

Make Way for Christmas - The Gift

Kingsway/Make Way 1988 CD/C/SB

Review: The third Make Way march focuses on Christmas and Graham presents an attractive selection of songs in the usual format: songs of worship first, followed by march (or in this instance Christmas party) songs second. The Gift has a definite Christmassy feel to it, particularly part 2 with many rhythmic numbers suited to a Christmas Eve celebration. Few songs have entered everyday worship which is a pity as many would make an excellent resource. This album is the one that all families should play while decorating the Christmas tree.

Watch out for: This Child; Heaven invites you to a party
One to miss: For God so loved the world

The Christmas Child (Hear the sound)
The Servant King (From Heaven You Came)
Let it be to me
Immanuel, O Immanuel
Thanks be to God (Father, never was love so near)
O what a Mystery
Tell Out tell out the news (Now dawns the sun)
The Candle Song (Like a candle flame)
Good News
Sing all the Earth
Arise, Shine (Darkness like a shroud)
This Child
O come and join the dance
The Giving Song (At this time of giving)
For God So loved the world
Peace to You
God with Us (He walked where I walk)
Heaven invites you to a party
Glory to God [reprise]
Thanks be to God [reprise]

Make Way for the Cross - Let the Flame Burn Brighter

Kingsway/Make Way 1989 CD/C/SB

Review: This album suffers from over-Americanisation a touch as all music is computer programmed and it lacks the live (some would say manic!) feel of earlier Make Ways. In the same format, worship and intercession comes first before the party begins. The poignant Come and See and Thank You for the Cross are now essentials for many a eucharist and other notables from this album include Amazing Love. However, others that are perhaps better have never made it into our churches, particularly Oh what a Morning. The title track Let the Flame Burn Brighter of course entered the charts during the summer of 1989 for an inglorious period. Still, it was worth a try!

Watch out for: We worship at Your feet; Oh, What a morning
One to miss: See now here He comes

We give You Glory
Thank You for the Cross
We worship at your feet (Come and See)
Show me a vision
See from His head *
Revive Us Again (Hear O Lord our cry)
That the Lamb
Let the flame burn brighter
Lift High the Cross
See now here He comes
Amazing love (My Lord, what love is this?)
Break out with songs of joy (Let flags and banners)
The feast is ready (The trumpets sound)
Broken hearts
Love of Christ come now
Come die, come live
Oh, what a morning
Let every voice be raised
Yours be the glory
Let the flame burn brighter [reprise]

We Believe

Starsong 1989 CD/C

Review: Produced alongside Let the Flame Burn Brighter, this album rejuvenates many Kendrick favourites with an all-American cast. Rejoice particularly benefits from the treatment although why he chose to have O Lord your tenderness played by something resembling a didgereedoo/drainpipe is anyones guess. God is Good gets funky while many mid-80s offerings get their last outing - Mission Praise is probably better for it! Still, as a mid-career stocktake, it gives some old faves a new lease of life.

Watch out for: Rejoice; The Servant King One to miss: Thanks be to God

Rejoice, Rejoice
We Believe
The Servant King (From heaven You came)
I worship You
Such love
Thanks be to God (Father, never was love so near)
God with us (He walked where I walk)
God is good
Shine, Jesus, Shine (Lord the light of your love)
O Lord, your tenderness
Lord, have mercy on us
Peace to you

Make Way - Crown Him (March for Jesus)

Integritys Hosanna Music 1991 CD/C/SB

Review: Written exclusively for March for Jesus (of which our hero is a leader), Crown Him somehow represents a new direction for Graham and is in many ways the pivot of his work. Still there are the chants, shouts and echoes along with the simple affirmative songs and yet the lyrics are more powerful and the melodies more catchy. A few old favourites are included at the start and many new uns are launched eg the (in)famous Heaven is in my heart. The mix of old hymns was deliberate. Crown Him is perhaps the best Make Way and features some of Grahams most popular newer songs.

Watch out for:All the Glory; Heaven is in my heart
One to miss: Join our hearts

History makers (I want to be a history maker)
From the suns rising
Go forth in His name
For this purpose [chorus]
Here is love *
Lead me to the Cross of Jesus (How can I be free from sin)
Join our hearts (Lord we come)
(We will) Cross Every Border
All the Glory (My heart is full)
Open the Gates
Christ is King of all Creation
Lift up your heads
Crown Him with many crowns *
The Apostles Creed [Chant]
I Delight
Prayer Song (Lord have mercy)
O give thanks
Heaven is in my heart
God is so good *
Amazing Grace *
Psalm 24:7 Proclamation (Lift up your heads)
Say Yes (All of Gods people)
And He shall reign
All hail the power of Jesus name *

Crown Him - The Worship Musical

Megaphone 1992 CD/C/SB

Review: Whether it was some squabble with the record company I dont know but twelve months after the first Crown Him comes another. However, dont be put off ... its not the same. Crown Him - TWM was recorded live at Reading Sally Army and features a mix of Make Way celebration style stuff with some in depth and theological worship. The often frantic pace is in part calmed with narration by Ichthus' Faith Forster including a retelling of The Prodigal Son featuring the achingly beautiful Father Me and the more vibrant black gospel Thank You Lord (the former featuring Amy Kendrick). Many of the original albums songs are still here but are given a thorough overall reworking with the debut of Steve Thompson as the lead musician and hes worked with Graham almost ever since, giving his work a totally new musical direction. Crown Him - TWM has everything - its a model church service: spellbinding worship, excellent musicianship, theological insight, a touch of humour and a feeling of closeness to God.

Watch out for: Father me; History Makers
One to miss: Join our hearts

Open the gates
Christ is King of all creation
Lift up your heads
Crown Him
The Apostles Creed *
Lead me to the cross of Jesus (How can I be free from sin)
Father me (O Father of the fatherless)
Thank You Lord
Join our hearts (Lord we come)
All the glory (My heart is full)
Shine Jesus Shine [chorus]
Heaven is in my heart
Psalm 24:7 Proclamation (Lift up your heads)
Say Yes (All of Gods people)
History makers (I want to be a history maker)
Shout His name
Lord have mercy
Glory to the Lamb
This is my beloved Son
(We will) Cross every border
And He shall Reign
All hail the power *

King of the Nations

Megaphone ? 1993 CD/C/SB

Review: Whether Make Way for Pancake Day didnt have the same ring to it as the others is uncertain but KotN has been Grahams last Make Way (to date). Written at the behest of the American March for Jesus it mainly rehashes the best of previous marches with a few new numbers eg the majestic title track and the one that Graham should have written, We are Marching. KotN is in the same style of street instrument music as the earlier ones and provides a noticeable contrast to the newer stuff. Its album cover also mirrors the old opening sequence of the Nine O'Clock News!

Watch out for: We are Marching; King of the Nations
One to miss: Jesus is our battle cry

Let the flame burn brighter (We'll walk the land)
Shout His name
We believe
We are marching *
Jesus put this song
Turn to me, and be saved
(We will) Cross every border
Jesus is our battle cry
Shine Jesus Shine [reprise]
Let the flame burn brighter [reprise]
King of the Nations [reprise]
How great thou art * [reprise]
O Lord, the clouds are gathering
Revive us again (Hear O Lord)
If my people who bear my name
Love of Christ come now
Go forth in His name (We are His children)
The Lord will march out
King of the Nations (Come let us worship Jesus)

Spark to a Flame

Megaphone 1993 CD/C/SB

Review: Again featuring Steve Thompson, this album sees Graham branching out and writing some themed/seasonal songs for the worshipping church. Top marks for the music and many tracks have deep and soulful lyrics that Graham is increasingly getting into. Some are perhaps too complicated for congregational use but the existence of suitable songs for weddings, harvest, communion and TEAR Fund Sunday are very useful. God is Great and Beauty for Brokenness are true hymns and Graham certainly goes overboard on the lyrics for these to produce songs that if not for the intellectually challenged are certainly for the spiritually challenged!

Watch out for: Jesus, let me meet You in Your word; Teach me todance
One to miss: We shall declare His Praise

God is Great
Yes, I believe
Our Eyes are on You (Humbly we gather together)
Jesus, let me meet you in your Word (Now in reverence and awe)
Jesus Restore to us Again
Sing a new song
Beauty for Brokenness
We Shall Declare His Praise
Here is Bread
Three Part Harmony (On this day of Happiness)
Teach me to Dance

Rumours of Angels

Alliance 1994 CD/C/SB

Review: The Best. More of a concert than for congregations, this album has the strongest continuity and coherent structure Graham has written to date. Telling the Christmas story from advent to the arrival of the wise men, before finishing with two songs for todays church, Rumours includes a wide variety of music from the black gospel Can You Believe it ?, the rap Aint Nothing like it, the Christmas morning anthem Earth lies spellbound, the deeply haunting White Horse and Grahams own Bond movie song Rumours of Angels. Many tracks have full SATB arrangements by Ken Burton. This album wont give you a quick fix but will stir you to think about the meaning of Christmas and the deep relevence of the story today. Order your copy now.

Watch out for: Earth lies spellbound; White Horse
One to miss: None

Can You Believe It?
Rumours of Angels
Earth lies Spellbound
Since the day the angel came
So many centuries
Aint nothing like it!
Seekers and Dreamers (Stars in our eyes)
He is here
What kind of Greatness
You came from the Highest (We will sing your song)
White Horse (Be patient)

Is Anyone Thirsty?

Alliance 1995 CD/C

Review: Grahams answer to the Toronto Blessing, IAT? begins with a few Vineyard-esque tracks designed for pure celebratory escapism before the more worshipful tracks start with the moving and powerful prayer Knowing You and For this I have Jesus. The end tracks seem weaker and somewhat disjointed to the rest; however, IAT? has provided some good new material for the late 1990s and the fact that it was recorded in Grahams home church adds vitality and excitement to the music.

Watch out for: I was made for this; Knowing You
One to miss: Declare His Glory (Graham meets Fame!)

Is Anyone Thirsty?
Psalm 126 (When the Lord)
Wake Up O Sleeper
How good and how pleasant
I was made for this
Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear)
For this I have Jesus (For the joys and for the sorrows)
Let it fill the room
The Day of His Power (Shout! The Lord is Risen)
Declare His Glory

The Gift

Alliance 1995 CD/C/SB

Review: As this is a simple re-release (with a slightly different cover) of The earlier Gift (unlike Crown Him - The Worship Musical which was re-orchestrated with additional material), there is nothing to be said about this that hasnt been said before. Except that only hardened Kendrick-ites (or fools) would buy both. Still its extra dosh for the great man himself....

Watch out for: Your copy of the original
One to miss: Definitely if you already have it

Tracks: See The Gift


Alliance 1996 CD/C

Review: Twelve classic Kendricks get another outing in this album recorded at Ray Bevans church in Newport, most with full SATB arrangement. While some like The Servant King benefit from this, others such as God is Great seem more hollow than their originals, and Graham himself seems a bit lost in the proceedings (it was Newport after all!). Not the best by any means but if you like choral Kendrick or are a worship leader after new arrangements then its a must. The cover is also a bit bizarre appearing to be of Graham during some weird trip. Maybe its supposed to be called Hallucinations?

Watch out for: Yes I believe; For this purpose
One to miss: Heaven is in my heart

Yes I believe
God is Great
The Servant King (From Heaven You Came)
For this I have Jesus (For the Joys and for the sorrows)
Such love
Knowing You (All I Once Held Dear)
Heaven is in my heart
Meekness and Majesty
Amazing Love (My Lord, what love is this?)
For this purpose
And He Shall Reign
Teach me to Dance

Shine Jesus Shine - Anniversary Edition

Alliance 1997 CD/C

Review: This re-release of Shine Jesus Shine celebrates the album's 10th anniversary although there appears to be some confusion at Make Way as the original wasn't launched until 1988! Still, as the inlay says, the album became a 'piece of history in the making' (or words to that effect !) and now those who missed it the first time around have the opportunity to snap it up nearly a decade later. The Anniversary Edition is an exact replica of the first with a different inlay. If you haven't already got the original then this is definitely worth obtaining to hear some of the modern churches' classics as they were originally intended to be.

Watch out for: The Price - £13.99 for The Anniversary Edition, £8.99 for the original if you get it by mail order from Make Way Music.
One to miss: Dance, Dance, Dance (unlike fine wines and cheese, doesn't improve with age!)

Tracks: See Shine Jesus Shine

No More Walls

Alliance 1997 CD/C/SB

Review: Features much internationally flavoured music and the fullest orchestra yet on a Kendrick album. The march songs tend to be rather unmemorable however, perhaps with the exception of From where the sun rises and Under our skin that were written specifically for Children and are a breath of fresh air amongst the usual Ishmael-type offerings! The prayer songs tend to be rather repetitive and melancholy although Come let us return movingly invokes the words of Hosea. Say it Loud which at one stage was to have been the title of the album, sounds uncannily like Crown Him's Cross every Border. It is unlikely that any tracks will make it into mainstream worship as the album sadly lacks songs of the calibre of Rejoice, Knowing You or The Servant King but nonetheless offers a new look for March for Jesus that has perhaps become a little jaded over recent years.

Watch out for: From where the sun rises, Come let us return, Where two or three
One to miss: Peace be to these streets - surprisingly the March for Jesus theme song!

7 Reasons to Celebrate
From Where the Sun Rises
Under Our Skin
Reach Out and Take a Hand
Oh the Lord is Good
Welcome the King
Joy to the World
Peace Be to these Streets
God Be Gracious
Say It Loud
See Your Saviour Comes
Come Let Us Return
Turn Our Hearts
Where Two or Three
Prayer of Reconciliation
Save the People
Hear Our Cry
Say It Loud (reprise)

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