CIMRM 1290 - Cautes and Cautopates and two other statues. Neuenheim, Germany.


Four statues, probably indicating a second Mithraeum, were found at Neuenheim in 1953 in a layer of burning debris.

CIMRM entry

The site has further details, by Andreas Hensen, and more still here:

An inventory number is given: Inv.No. 1990/1120.a. The top of the figure of Cautes has been repaired, as it was found without shoulders or neck. Both statues carry the remains of white primer, on which traces of red remain.

Unfortunately there is no indication of what the other two figures discovered were.

Coordinates: 49° 24' 44" N, 8° 42' 36" E / 49.41222° N, 8.71000° E.1


  • Andreas Hensen, "Das 'zweite' Mithraeum von Heidelberg", in: M. Martens, G. de Boe (Ed.), Roman Mithraism. The evidence of the small finds. Brussels, 2004, p. 95-107 [2006 p.369]2

1Coordinates supplied by John W. Brandt - thank you.
2Information found here.

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