CIMRM 1400 - Modern coloured version of tauroctony, Sterzing, Austria.

A relief found near Mauls in 1579. Now actually held, not in Sterzing, but in the Südtiroler Archäologiemuseum in Bozen, according to this site. (Sterzing is in the Tyrol in Austria).

Inv. No.: I/654; Location: Sterzing, Hof des Rathauses; Height: 1.20 m; Limestone.

The attempt to colour the relief is based on the colouring in the well-preserved frescos of the Mithraea at Marino and S. Maria Capua Vetere.

CIMRM entry


R. Merkelbach, Mithras (1984) 368f. Fig. 132.; R. Vollkommer, s.v. Mithras, LIMC VI (1992) No. 156 Fig.

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