CIMRM 180 - Mithraeum. S. Maria Capua Vetere, Italy

See also: CIMRM 180 Mithraeum; 181 Tauroctony fresco; 182 Fresco of Cautes, altar, trees; 183 Fresco of Cautopates; 184 Fresco of Luna; 185 Unknown - Aion?; 186 Relief of Amor and Psyche; 187 Initiation ceremony 1; 188 Initiation ceremony 2; 189 A person in red, kneeling; 190 Standing person with 2 others; 191 Initiation ceremony 3; 192 Two more people; 193 Initiation ceremony 5; 194 Initiation ceremony 4; 195 Another figure; 196 Two damaged scenes; 197 Heads only of two people; 198 Small finds from sanctuary; 199 Small finds from antechamber;

Map of the Mithraeum.

Modern entrance door to the Mithraeum. By Michael Fuller from here.

Red framed niche and stick figure in the ceiling of the mithraeum at Capua, Italy. By Michael Fuller from here.

By Amber Kreiensieck From: Twitter.

CIMRM entry

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