CIMRM 230-231 - Statue of tauroctony. Ostia Museum, Italy. Also a duplicate once in the Giustiniani collection.

By: Roger Pearse. Taken May 2013 at the site museum in Ostia. A reproduction stands in the Mithraeum of the "Baths of Mithras" (CIMRM 229).

From: Cathedrals and Crocodiles. By "Dr. Croc." The inscription is not visible unless you know to look for it.

A faint inscription in Greek on the chest of the bull can be translated as "Kriton the Athenian made (the statue)". By Michael Fuller from here.

By: Roger Pearse. Note the joins at the arm and the head.

By: Roger Pearse. The museum label - not all items are labelled - indicating this is "Inv. 149".

By: Roger Pearse. The snake.

Closeup of the right hand of Mithras holding the sword that would be used to slay the Bull of Heaven. This 1st century statue was discovered in 1939; on display in the museum of Ostia, Italy. By Michael Fuller from here.

The Giustiniani duplicate. From CIMRM.

The Giustiniani duplicate, in 1999. From Stanford.

Two torsos of Mithras, one at Ostia and a duplicate one, stolen from the Giustiniani collection, sold to the Getty Museum, and returned to Italy in 1999.

CIMRM entry

From the Ostia Antica site.

From the Stanford University site:

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