CIMRM 736 - Mithras in a grotto, Vienna

By CristianChirita, 2010. From Wikimedia Commons, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Antikensammlung Inv. Nr. I 624.

CIMRM entry

736. Relief in white marble (H. 0.55 Br. 0.90 D. 0.22), found South of Monastero near Aquileia in 1888. Vienna, Alt. Mus. Room X 39.

von Schneider, Album, 8 and Pl. XXI; JDI 1891, 176; Drei Römerstädte, 29 with fig.; MMM II 267f No. 116 and Pl. III; MM, Pl. I, 1; RRR II 141, 1; Saxl, 23 and figs. 66, 68, 69, 70; Hinks in Bruton, Fort. Manch., Pl. 13. See figs. 203-204.

The artful relief represents Mithras tauroctone in a grotto. Around the bull's body a large band. The dog, the serpent and the scorpion on the usual places; the raven is perched on Mithras' flying cloak. Mithras is looking upwards. On either side stands Cautes (r) and Cautopates (l) with their flaming torches; cross-legged. Behind the latter two bucks lie on the floor, a third is standing on his hind-legs to get at the leaves of a tree. Above them Sol in a quadriga drives towards heaven. In the r.upper corner the dressed bust of Luna with a crescent behind her shoulders, looking down. Lost: the l.arm of Cautes, two heads of the horses of the quadriga, the raven but for its two feet, part of the snake and the l. upper corner of the relief. Probably from the second cent. A.D.

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