CIMRM 84 - Hecate statuette. Sidon. In the Louvre.

See also: CIMRM 74 Mithraeum; 75 Tauroctony relief; 76 Tauroctony statuette; 77 Mithras carrying bull statuette; 78-9 lion-headed statuette; 80 Cautes statuette; 81 Cautopates statuette; 82 Cautes with axe statuette; 83 Cautes with axe statuette; 84-5 Hecate statuette; 86 Two Venus statuettes; 87 Vermaseren's research note;

From: Picasa.

From: Picasa.

Louvre, New Galleries, The Roman Empire in the Eastern Mediterranean.

From the Mithraeum at Sidon. Hecate is depicted as a triple goddess surrounded by dancers.

CIMRM entry

See CIMRM 76 and CIMRM 78-79 for similar inscriptions by the same Flavius Gerontius, again giving the date as "year 500".

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