CIMRM 844 - The Carrawburgh Mithraeum, Britain.

Aerial photo of the site. Found online.

From: Flickr. By Alun Salt, 2005.

From Image of unknown authorship.

From: Flickr by the Armatura press. General view of the site. The Mithraeum is outside the fort at the bottom.

From: CIMRM.

"Carrawburgh" seems to be spelled "Carrawbrough" on modern maps, and is the name of a nearby farm. The ancient name is Brocolitia or Procolitia.

CIMRM entry


  • I. A. Richmond and J. P. Gillam, "The Temple of Mithras at Carrawburgh" Archaeol. Ael.,4 XXIX (1951), pp. 1 ff. the excavation report.1 Charles M. Daniels, Mithras and His Temples on the Wall, Museum of Antiquities of the University of Durham, 1962. 20pp. Roman Temple of Mithras May Align with Sun on 'Jesus' Birthday'", Live Science, January 2, 2018.

1Reference from Boon on the Caernarvon Mithraeum, p.172.

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