CIMRM 86 - Two statuettes of Venus, one bronze , one marble. Sidon. In the Louvre.

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Roman period
Provenance: Mithraeum of Sidon, Syria (present-day Saida, Lebanon)
Bronze inlaid with silver
H. 84.2 cm
De Clercq collection, Boisgelin gift, 1967
Department of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities
Br 4430
Lower Ground Floor
Roman Egypt (room closed for renovation)
Room A
Display case I2

I was unable to find any information beyond Vermaseren's statement below that another Venus statuette in marble exists. Presumably it too formed part of the De Clercq collection, given to the Louvre by the Comte de Boisgelin in 1967.

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