CIMRM Supplement

The Corpus Inscriptionum et Monumentum Religionis Mithriacae is now nearly 60 years old. Yet every year has brought more Mithraic finds. The need for a supplement to the CIMRM has been evident for a long time. Such a supplement was projected by Richard Gordon under the auspices of the Journal for Mithraic Studies,1 but never got off the ground. A recent attempt to obtain funding to make an entirely new collection of monuments was unsuccessful.2

Some of the newer Mithraic finds are very visually striking. There are photographs of them in many places on the world-wide web. These items cannot be ignored by a site such as this.

I have ventured to label the pages which contain photographs and other details of finds made since the CIMRM was published as "CIMRM Supplement". My thinking is that any such supplement must include them. In a small way, I hope that the presence of results in Google labelled "CIMRM Supplement" may help to inspire someone in the academic community to obtain the funding to publish at least a list of new finds, to assign a designation and thereby facilitate access to this material.

1More details are available here. The reference to a projected third volume of the CIMRM is a mistake.
2Source: private email from Richard Gordon.

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