CIMRM Supplement - Two altars, of Cautes and Cautopates. Nr. Cacovec, Croatia



Two altars were recovered in 1997 from an artificial lake in Northern Croatia. One was dedicated to Cautes, one to Cautopates. It is likely that they were being used as ballast when they entered the lake.

The two altars are now in the Museum of Medimurje, Cakovec.

From: Ante Rendic-Miocevic, "Rivers and river deities in Roman period in the Croatian part of Pannonia (293-305)", 2012:


  • Ante Rendic-Miocevic, "Marble altars of Cautes and Cautopates from the surroundings of Cakovec in Northwest Croatia", in: Roma y las provincias: modelo y difusion, El XI Coloquio Internacional de Arte Romano Provincial, Merida, Spain (2009).

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