CIMRM Supplement - Mithraeum. Angers, France

Plan of the spelaeum of Mithras in its final phase of occupation at the end of the 4th or beginning of the 5th century. From: INRAP images site.

From Heritage-Key, 28 September 2010.

Limestone block with cartouche showing Greek text by "Theophilus".

Site plan. From INRAP leaflet.

Mithraeum plan. From INRAP leaflet.

Mithraeum photo. From INRAP leaflet.

Deer spray. From INRAP leaflet.

Oil lamp in shape of a Nubian. From INRAP leaflet.

From: here. By Herve Patier, Inrap. Fragment of pottery statue of Mercury, made in central Gaul, between 160-230 AD.

From: Another nubian lamp (complete). 10.01 x 4.35 cm x 4.05 cm. By M. Mortreau, INRAP.

Oil lamp. From: INRAP. By Herve Patier.

Monkey-musician vase. From: INRAP.

Decorated bowl. From: INRAP. By Herve Patier.

Head of Mithras, defaced with hammer. From: here.

Ex voto tablet of Senecio. From: here By Herve Patier.

A video showing some of the finds.

See also: ceramic beaker, Pylades ex voto slab, head of Mithras.

Archaeologists discovered the remains of a Mithraeum in Angers (ancient Juliomagus), northwestern France. First constructed in the 3rd century A.D., the temple is located inside a domus, or Roman house. The temple was probably destroyed in the 4th century, as evidenced by shattered statues and signs of burning. It contains remains of a relief depicting Mithras with torchbearers and of a worn head of the god, distinguished by his Phrygian cap. The offerings included about 200 coins. Other artifacts found include Nubian terracotta figurines, a brooch, and a deer-shaped pouring device with three holes in its throat, perhaps used in an unknown rite.

The following details are given by Jean Brodeur and Maxime Mortreau:

The leaflet produced by INRAP (below) contains the following information:

The press release states:

Coordinates: 47° 28' 25" N, 0° 33' 15" W / 47.4736° N, 0.5542° W.1


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1Supplied by John W. Brandt - thank you.

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