CIMRM Supplement - "Temple of Mithra", Verjuy, nr. Maragheh, Iran.

Verjuy "Mithra temple".

From: CAIS.

Various non-scholarly publications refer to a cave at Verjuy, near Maragheh in Iran, as "Mithraic". There is no evidence of any Mithraic connection, however.

1. Reports

Arezou Azad discusses three cave complexes of the region, which seem to be medieval Buddhist.[1] Here is the start of the description, from p.219:1

And on the article goes, with nothing Mithraic that I could see (although the preview was cut-off before the end).

A little earlier, on p.217-8, there is discussion of another cave complex in the area, the Rasadkhana caves at Maragha.

The list of diverse possible parallels at the front of the quote makes it abundantly clear that we are in speculation land.

I also discuss this material in a post elsewhere2.

2. Gallery of Images

These were kindly taken and sent in in April 2014 by Jona Lendering of

Translation of the sign at the entrance to the caves:

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3. External links

1Arezou Azad, Three rock-cut cave sites in Iran and their Ilkhanid Buddhist aspects reconsidered, in: Anna Akasoy and others, Islam and Tibet: Interactions Along the Musk Routes, Ashgate, 2001, p.209-230. There is a Google Books preview here.
2Roger Pearse, "A Mithraeum in Iran? - The 'Verjuy Mithra Temple'", April 14, 2012. here.
3This refers to the Shi'ite idea of Mohammed, Ali, and the 12 imams.

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