CIMRM Supplement - Mithraeum. S. Giovanni di Duino, nr. Venice, Italy.

The Duino Mithraeum. From: here.

From Wikimedia Commons. By Rasevic, July 2009.

Central tauroctony. From here. By Rasevic, July 2009.

Well. From here. By Rasevic, July 2009.

Entrance to Mithraeum. From here. By Rasevic, July 2009.

Altars at entrance. From here.

Inside the entrance. From here. By Rasevic.

Inside the well. From here. By Rasevic.

A Mithraeum was discovered in 1965 near Venice at San Giovanni di Duino (generally known as the Duino Mithraeum).

Grotta del Mitreo di Duino - Discovered: 1965 in a cave near the Duvino River close to Trieste. Coordinates: 45° 38' 00" N, 13° 48' 00" E / 45.6333° N, 13.8000° E1

According to the Wikipedia article (written by "Rasevic", the photographer):

The first image above has the note:


Taken from Roger Beck, Mithraism since Cumont.

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1Supplied by John W. Brandt - many thanks.

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