Coptic Literature 

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O'LEARY, Littérature Copte: DAL 9, 1599-1635.

1.  Shenute (d. 465) was archimandrite of the White Monastery near Sohag in Upper Egypt. He entered the monastery as a young man and later became abbot (c. 385 on). Together with Cyril of Alexandria, he took part in the Council of Ephesus in 431. His writings are of great importance in Coptic literature. The surviving corpus includes sermons, literary letters and correspondence.


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2.  The Life of St. Shenouda was recorded by his close disciple St. Besa, shortly after his death. It was done in Sahidic Coptic but only the Bohairic translation survived intact in a 10th century AD manuscript. Some Sahidic fragments have been identified and published. There is also, a more expanded version extant in Arabic as well as one similar to the Bohairic surviving in Ethiopic. The Coptic Text was edited by Dr. Johannes Leipoldt from Vatican Copt. LXVI, ff. 19r-82r (CML 55C). It was translated in French by Prof. E. C. Amelineau, in latin by Prof. Weitzmann (?), and in English by Dr. D. N. Bell.

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