Ethiopian Literature 

I have no information about this.  I believe that Rufinus gives the story of how Christianity came to Ethiopia.  Ships from Egypt had traded down the Red Sea since Pharaonic times.  In the 4th century, two Greeks on a ship came to the kingdom of Axum, modern Eritraea, and started to evangelise the country.  They met with so much success, that one returned to Alexandria and asked the patriarch to consecrate a bishop.  The patriarch decided that the man before him was the most appropriate, already knowing the people, and ordained him.  The Ethiopian patriarch, even today, is appointed by the Coptic pope.  As an outsider, he has no political influence and so remains a purely religious figure.

Various works have been preserved in only in Ethiopic, no doubt through the link with Egypt.  These include the Chronicle of John of Nikiu (online elsewhere on this site), and 1 Enoch.

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