Tertulijan: Slovenian Translations of the works of Tertullian

Fr. Miran SPELIC, O.F.M., has begun to place online a library of patristic works at his website (http://www2.arnes.si/~supmspel/patres/tertulijan/), in Slovenian translation. Among these are works of Tertullian, or "Tertulijan" as it is in that language, which I mirror here, with his permission, slightly reformatted.

I asked about the origin of these texts, and the editions from which they came.  Fr. Spelic replied:

"The translations were not published. The translators Franc Ksaver Lukman and Franc Omerza prepared them during WWII and after the war, due to the situation in Yugoslavia in those times, there was no hope of printing. The manuscripts were kept in the library of our faculty, and I have had them retyped and linguistically refreshed (they were over 50 years old...) ... There are some others waiting for e-layout. [Apologeticum, Ad Scapulam, De oratione, De paenitentia, and De praescriptione haereticorum] ... One translation (De Corona) was prepared last year by Marko Marincic."

Here they are:

A revised version of these translations, by Fr. Jan Dominik Bogataj, together with a new translation of De Resurrectione Carnis, appeared in 2022:  "Tertulijan: Apologetski, polemični in katehetski spisi", KUD Logos (2022) here.

This page has been online since 21st June 2002.

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