"Send three-and-fourpence, we're going to a dance"
(or, Translating the Latin. And the German. And the ...)

I've had a stab at translating the Latin wherever I can't find a translation, in the interest of those people who have no Latin at all. However I only had schoolboy Latin, now some 20 years old, so I'm probably making a great mess of it.

My approach has been to have a go, and to make sure where possible that you have the Latin as well. If you find a translation marked with the symbol (RP), it means it's one of mine.

If you think I've got it wrong, or can improve it, then email me your own version, indicating what I did wrong, and I'll be more than glad to correct it.

Assisting me these days is my own little Latin translator, QuickLatin, which is shareware.  You can support development of this tool by downloading and registering a copy of it, if you find it useful.

The papers in French and German have generally been translated by http://babelfish.altavista.digital.com/cgi-bin/translate?, and polished up by me.


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